If you are a company looking for a long lasting partnership to promote your products to governmental customers in Egypt, we could be the right partners.

Social relationships are the biggest challenge of human beings. Not knowing the habits, mentalities, languages and backgrounds make it even more complex. Especially in doing business it is essential to understand your customer as well as possible. A local partner, who understands the language and the thinking, can be of big benefit for any foreign exporter. Even better is a partner that understands both cultures. This is exactly what we can offer you as a service to enter an unknown market and to remain successful there.
Travelling with a guide enables you to reach your goal effectively. Or would you prefer to cross the desert on your own? As the proverb says: “Don‘t pay the ferryman, until he gets you to the other side!“ We also respect this principal. We ask for remuneration only if we succeed to help you reach your goal.

With approximately 85 million inhabitants Egypt is a huge, lucrative market for many different products and services. Nearly 20 million of them live in and around the Capital, Cairo.
Please contact us, so that we can estimate how we can help you to successfully market your products in Egypt.